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My Cruelty-Free Journey

Over the past couple of weeks I have undergone a rather significant change in my life. After lots of research I have cut all dairy and meat from my diet and have made the transition to cruelty-free cosmetics. I honestly thought it was going to be hard. I thought I would have to change my entire lifestyle but it's been seamless. 

I have been wanting to make these changes for a while now. I organised my makeup collection and tested alternatives until I set myself a date. So I thought I would share some tips for people wanting to make a similar change. I won't to go into specifics because everyone makes different decisions, improves themselves in different ways and have different ideals. But I am a firm believer that any of these changes can be accomplished with the same mindset and techniques.

Do your research

I watched documentaries, read plenty of books and spoke to people I knew to gather as much information as I could. I wanted to know exactly where I stood and what I believed in. It's been the biggest help for me knowing where I've drawn the line.

One of my main resources is Cruelty Free Kitty. I found Suzi's blog almost a year ago now and have had all of my questions answered by her posts. She explains certain laws, parent companies and updates her cruelty-free lists regularly. I was so happy to see some of my favourites listed and cannot wait to explore new ones. 

Prepare yourself

I did a lot of preparation and planned as much as I could weeks in advance. I stopped eating meat, cut out all dairy, and then slowly stopped eating foods which contained animal products. I tested lots of dairy alternatives and sorted my makeup collection into cruelty-free and not so cruelty-free piles. Pinterest has been my greatest tool during this transition. I have been pinning lots of vegan friendly recipes and found new brands, dupes and cult cruelty-free products. But remember it is a journey, it will take time. 

Inspire yourself

So you've planned and pinned to your hearts content. Now it's time to harness that energy and inspire yourself. I subscribed to lots of vegan YouTubers, found some fantastic quotes and bought a few ebooks for light reading. And by doing that I've started researching so much more. Places to eat, ethical clothing sources, different ways to recycle and outdoor festivals and events. I feel like I've caught the Eco bug and it feels fantastic.

Allow yourself some time.

Nothing changes overnight. It's great to make these changes but it does take time to adjust. For me it's been fairly easy, the only thing I've struggled with is substituting snacks. I'm a very snaky person and dairy is in a lot of things. After reading a million labels in stores I know what I can easily grab, but it has been tough and not all alternatives are readily available. But things are looking up, brands are introducing vegan alternatives, cruelty-free brands are expanding and the high street has become a lot more accommodating.

I am so exited to be embarking on this new journey and I can't wait to share it with you. Expect lots of new makeup looks, reviews and launches. I've made it one of my aims to not only explore high end and high street products but the independent ones as well. 

Let me know of any cruelty-free brands or products that I should be using!

Gem. x


I understand that I posted a review of the Bourjois City Radiance Foundation two weeks ago. This was a scheduled post, and although I stand by the quality of the product (I have several tubes) I will no longer be using it. Bourgois claims to be a cruelty-free brand however they sell their products in mainland China, which by law means they must be tested on animals.

I have been writing on Slightgem for a few years now, and will retain all posts that feature non cruelty-free products. However from May 2016 I will only mention products that do not test on animals and products mentioned prior to this will be marked.