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Straight from Mother Earth | Turbliss Bioactive Face Mask For ProblemSkin

Have you ever heard of peat? No neither had I. As the first of only six ingredients in Turbliss  face masks, I just had to know more. Turbliss is a Nordic brand of bioactive cosmetic products. Their main ingredient - pure therapeutic peat.

The use of peat is in no way a new discovery, or a fad. It’s a peloid, which in simple terms is a mud or clay that is used therapeutically. Peloids consist of humus and minerals formed over many years by biological processes, the most popular being peat. And this natural wonder has been used for the past 200 years as treatment for the skin. 

Turbliss has a range of different products, and I was lucky enough to try their award winning Bioactive Face Mask For Problem Skin* After reading up on the miracles of peat I just had to understand this mask in particular and exactly how it worked with my skin. An hour and a million open tabs later, I am amazed.

The humic and fulvic acids help to boost cell renewal and restore normal functioning of the skin. Whilst the bioactive humic substances penetrate deep into the skin and regulate sebum production. Together they work to minimise pores and improve the skins texture, as well as calming and alleviating irritations.

Remember the peloids and 200 years of use I mentioned earlier? They have been used to treat a multitude of skin diseases and disorders in the form of medicinal baths and wraps. So every time I used this I just thought of it as bathing my face.

Okay enough of the history lesson, I have been using this twice a week, humpdays and over the weekend. I leave it on for five to ten minutes max and keep it wet using a spray bottle. This is the thing, the mask needs to be moist in order for the acids to penetrate the skin, otherwise it’s just dry mud. I then just wipe it away using a wet flannel.

One thing I will mention is that when using this you need to be aware then your skin will have some slight reddening due to the increase of microcirculation. After a couple of hours it fades, so I tend to use this on chill days or over the weekends when I don’t have anything particular planned.

After just a couple of weeks I have already seen a massive change in my skins texture. It’s smoother, it feels more plump and over all looks healthier. And I’ve found that I don’t need to use as much moisturiser. Actually the past couple of days I haven’t used any.

On the other hand it’s currently lady week and so I have two beautiful blemishes on my chin. They’re of course hormonal and no magical cream or mask is going to make them disappear. But this has calmed them down and helped to reduce them. It’s only been two weeks, so who knows what this is capable of.

So far I’m really impressed not only with the results, but with the product as a whole. This earth has provided it’s habitants with everything they need, everything has a purpose and works together to create this wonderful thing we call the circle of life. I am a true believer and I’m so happy to see that hundreds of years down the line we are still using the same ingredients and techniques. 

What do you think of the Turbliss face masks? Have you ever heard or peat or peloids?

Gem. x

*Gifted Item