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Yard & Coop With The Press Tent

As many of you know, I haven't lived in Manchester long. Well, it doesn't feel like I have anyway. So when The Press Tent announced they were holding an event in the northern quarter, I just knew I had to get stuck in. The evening was held at the oh so gorgeous Yard & Coop restaurant. Honestly it was everything I expected from the northern quarter, quirky, modern, fun and full of personality. There were wooden hut booths covered in fairy lights, caged cabinets filled with alcohol and the light fixtures were out of this world. It was a Pinterest lovers dream. And what filled it that evening was just as beautiful. 

Dominic, better known as Dom and Ink the mastermind behind Map My Style was creating portraits for everyone and oh my! I am eventually going to frame this because look at that sass. He's admired throughout the blogosphere for creating gorgeous illustrations of bloggers like inthefrow and Tanya Burr, and his features in Glamour magazine. 

Is it strange to want hundreds of these filling a wall in my house? As you can probably tell, I am so happy with it and am so glad I was able to meet him.

Dom was working alongside Rock On Ruby, they've recently collaborated and oh my goodness it's heeeeaaaven. My favourites include, 'Keep it Sassy', 'Good Morning Sluts' and 'Full Time Fierce'. Their Mean Girls collection is already on my list along with a few bits from their Unicorns & Fairytales range. I highly recommend having a look, you can thank me later. 

I also got speaking with Stevie, the creator of CAKE Cosmetics. She has created a brand targeted towards darker skin tones and the shade ranges are amazing. The packaging is sleek, the formula's and great and the eyeshadows are super pigmented. My hand was covered in swatches and I cannot wait to see what 2016 brings for them.

The lovely ladies from Twinface Jewellery were showing their latest collection and I instantly wanted to become a Greek goddess. Their coin pendant necklaces are stunning and soo summer 16. Some are gold plated, have longer chains and they range from small coins to medallions. 

The incredibly talented Joyce from Artsynib was showing off her calligraphy skills and creating Press Tent inspired cards. The more I spoke to her the more inspired I became, and after finding out she has an Etsy shop I just have to have one of her prints in my new home. 

Hoochie Mama is an online store that showcases independent designers. They stock beautifully curated pieces, from leather accessories to minimalistic jewellery, silk scarves and jewellery collection that will keep you confidently strutting! The girls were showing some gorgeously dainty pieces, think adorable bee's and pineapples, I was in love. And I have over 20 tabs open, is it too early to start writing another Christmas list? 

Luxardo Cocktails, Licor 43 and Luc Belaire brought their A game. That's right people, many drinks were drunk. And each one was delicious. We learnt how to create their signature cocktails, how to show off our newly found skills to guests and how flavours work together to create something incredible. I spent the majority of my night at the bar, it was so much fun and we all had a great time tasting and passing around the cheese. 

Being stationed at the bar had so many positives, firstly drinks obviously, secondly food which was so out of this world. Yard & Coop is in the northern quarter and should be your next port of call when you're in town. There were sweet potato chips, mac and cheese balls and the most amazing buttermilk fried chicken. No chicken has compared since, seriously, if you love chicken you need to book a table. Take a look at the menu here. Oh my goodness, drooling over their menu. Mmm.

The Press Tent even provided all of us with £15.00 towards our first Uber ride to and from the event. Seriously this was so lovely! And definitely needed after filling up on mulled wine and chips.

The reason why this post has taken so long is because I was given a fantastic box of goodies to take home. And I couldn't tell you about the night without including a little mini review. I know that this post is super long, and if you're still with me then you deserve a medal, so I'll keep it short and sweet.

Firstly the beauty bits. I'm already a massive fan of the Bee Good Honey and Propolis Cream Cleanser*, it lifts makeup with minimal effort, wipes away beautifully with a warm flannel and leaves the skin feeling soft and plump. Having this included put a massive smile on my face.

I was so happy with this Rosie Fortescue Nailed London Nail Polish in Thigh High Club** that it's already been featured in a post, you can take a look at it here.

A few more favourites include the Original Lypsyl Lip Balm**, I was taken back to the 90's and this has been in my handbag ever since. It's a great all-rounder, leaving my lips smooth and crack free for hours, it still has that funny smell but with it comes nostalgia. The same goes for the So? With Attitude Body Spray in So Wild*, I used to love this as a teenager and spent a couple of weeks covering myself in this. The boy even commented on it one day, and that says a lot. 

The Halo Deodorant Wipes* had me at first, I was stumped, until Christmas eve when I had a 6-hour journey to get to my parent's house. I'm not going to lie I smelt like travel and used these before I got off the train. Amazing. Such a great idea for festivals and travels. It does feel weird wiping your arm pits in a train toilet, but I was able to hug my family without grossing them out. So win win!

There were some small bottles of Luxardo Amaretto* and Licor 43*, which made an appearance at Christmas. I didn't show off my new found skills but they went down a treat without any fancy tricks.

And of course last but by no means least, some foodie bits that actually had the boy and I claiming from the first bite. We all know Propercorn is incredible, but they're Smooth Peanut and Almond* favour is my new favourite. Seriously this is creamy and sweet, nutty and delicious. I look out for it whenever I get a meal deal and it never disappoints. Some more deliciousness includes the Peanut Hottie*, a new favourite of mine and a repurchase, and the Hotel Chocolat Christmas Mess *chocolates which the boy and I argued over. For about 10 minutes, like two dogs standing over a chew toy.

I haven't written a post like this in so long but I couldn't wait to share this with you all. Let me know what you thought about it, the length, the photos etc. Your feedback is everything. 

Also, which brands should I be looking out for? What do you think of the brands I met? Where has the best chicken? 

Gem. x


*Products gifted
** Not Cruelty-Free