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Winter Warmers & An Epiphany

This past week I have felt the chill of the north. And it's safe to say I underestimated it. I have stocked up on jumpers and thick coats, but felt like I was going on an arctic expedition. So to keep things light and somewhat fashionable I went on the hunt for a bobble hat and scarf. I returned after having had an epiphany, spending much more than I intended and embracing some new favourites.

That morning I had spent a good hour on befrassy.com, a beautiful blog written by the even more beautiful Audrey. One of her newest personal style posts caught my eye, she was in head to toe Primark. And something she said stuck with me, "I am comfortable in my love for affordable clothing because you see darling, I am all about embellishing my mind." After leaving a few shops empty handed I looked up at their blue lights ands thought 'what have I got to loose'.

I think in a way she changed a little part of me. I've always avoided Primark because everyone seems to go there, the chances of me wearing the same coat as someone else triples. And then I realised I was an outfit snob. My stubbornness was taking away opportunities to enjoy not only their clothing but other things too. And how ridiculous is that?

Wrapping up this rant, I left a hundred pounds poorer clutching two giant bags. Basically my point is Primark is fantastic and I'm super exited to show you these beautiful snugly bits. Regardless if 1000 people already have them.

First up, a monochrome bouclĂ© scarf - £7.00. As soft as a basket of baby bunnies, this is a pleasure to wrap around my neck. The tasselled edges darken it slightly and the textured material gives a little omph to an otherwise boring outfit.

The knitted fluffy bobble hat - £3.00. I'm not sure if this suits me yet, but I enjoy keeping my ears warm. And the little fluffy bobble on top warms my heart. It's a bit of an odd mix, but I like their mish mash look. 

I look super cosy and I feel super cosy. With that in mind I'm going to embrace the fact that these are great products and the more people wearing them just means that they love them too. So much love!

Which winter warmers are you rocking this year? What are your thoughts on Primark? 

Gem. x