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My First Look At Disney Couture

There is a reason why Disney collaborations sell out in a matter of minutes. Their films are engraved into our childhoods, the mere mention of them floods my mind with memories and I can't help but smile. The opening scene of Oliver and Company still has me in tears and Belle will always be one of my biggest role models. 

I've always embraced my love for Disney. Sleeping in Eeyore pyjamas and naming my cats after my favourite characters. I think that subconsciously I fell for the boy because he reminded me of Thomas O'Malley. I would make a great Duchess.

So of course when I first heard of Disney Couture I was ecstatic. It's changed a bit over the past couple of years which I'm really happy to see. Pieces are subtle and dainty, something that the working woman can happily tuck into her blouse. They have lots of collections and of course, the classics all year round. If I'm not mistaken these rotate so chances are you won't have to wait long to see your favourites.

This is the Gold-Plated Peter Pan Tinkerbell Neverland Book Charm & Necklace - £29.00*. It's absolutely beautiful, with Tinkerbell on the front, the directions to Neverland inside the book and decorated with a little Swarovski crystal star. Super cute!

Each necklace consists of a chain and a charm, which can then be transferred onto the charm bracelet. (Sold separately) It's a beautiful collectors item for any Disney fanatic. I've already ordered the starter bracelet, and cannot wait to start adding more charms to it.

Disney Couture stock earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and charms. Sizes come in junior and adult, which is great because you can layer both sizes for something a bit more jazzy. I wouldn't say that these are everyday pieces as they're quite delicate, but for a mid-week pick me up these are great for adding a touch of sparkle and a smile to your face.

I won this beautiful necklace as part of a miniature raffle at the NWmeet, so again I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the lovely Sammy and Katy for having us. 

Would you wear something from Disney Couture? What do you think of charm bracelets?

Gem. x


*Gifted Item

** This is my natural (very pale) skin, do you think I should embrace it this Winter or get tanning?