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Looking Forward to April

Pinch, punch, first of the month! It's April Fools and already the boy has me on high alert. So today I'm going to be sharing all the things I'm looking forward to this month. I have packed away all my Winter coats and cannot wait for Spring to finally begin!

    1. Jugs of Ice Tea. I've seen a lot of people raving about Paradise Tropical Tea and I cannot wait to order myself a batch.
    2. Playsuits! Imagine a morning when all you need is one item, the playsuit. It makes me smile just thinking about it, and Missguided have the most amazing selection. Here are some of my favourites, the lace one, the drawstring one and the eyelash one.
    3. Fresh flowers. Living away from the city means that I have access to local produce. Freshly cut flowers are sold outside peoples houses, £1 for a jar of tulips. I love it! When I'll be in London Columbia Road Flower Market is the next best thing, I hope the boy doesn't mind early morning shopping. 
    4. Salad in a jar! I've been bookmarking mason jar recipes for months now and I cannot wait to finally use them! The idea of shaking up your salad and treating yourself to lunch in the sunshine just puts the biggest smile on my face. Backtoherroots has an amazing blog post with plenty of recipes to get you started. And of course BuzzFeed has picked up on it too.
    5. Swimwear! I'll be going away a couple of times in May and stocking up on bikinis is my priority. Here are my favourites for the fun loving, the minimalist, the swimsuit lover and the edgy. Fly Nation has the most beautiful pieces, if your brave enough to flaunt it.
    6. Eye masks. Strange I know, but as the days get longer I find it harder to sleep. So investing in a pretty eye mask not only helps me get a good nights sleep but motivates me to settle down. TheSleepyCottage, a seller on Etsy, has a beautiful range of custom hand crafted masks. If you prefer something simple, this black silk mask is perfect.
    7. Pastel nail polish.  I am fully stocked on whites, nudes and subtle yellows. I think pastel colours look great with a tan, especially when they're matte. So acquiring a great matte top coat is a sure winner, does anyone have any suggestions?
    8. Easter! Spring is not complete without Easter. I am not religious, so for me this a chance to get outside with the family, to feast on salads and home baked cakes. It's a celebration of new life and being able to walk to work with a smile on your face, instead of being hidden behind an umbrella. 

What are you looking forward to this month? Have you got any special Easter plans? 

Gem. x