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The "weekend away" makeup bag!

Since moving to London and traveling to and from quite a lot I've learnt how to cram multiple day to night looks into one fairly average sized makeup bag. As I mentioned on Saturday the first half of the year is always the busiest for me as there are lots of birthdays and anniversaries. When it comes to packing I always think of likely and unlikely scenarios. An example being, "I'll take two foundations one for every day and another for late nights." In this case I did choose two and even threw in an eyeliner for good measure. You never know!

This palette has 10 gorgeous shades, eight of which are shimmer leaving just two matte. For a budget palette the pigmentation of these is quite impressive. They're easy to blend, build up and last until the end of the night.

This bronzer is perfect for my fair skin. It's light enough to give a subtle warmth to the skin, but can be built up to create a sun kissed glow. And with a slight golden shimmer I can always count on this to brighten my face when I've spent the day on a train!

This is another budget product that packs some serious pigmentation for the price. And with gold shimmer running through it this blends beautifully with the Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzer.

It's been a while since I used this foundation. After purchasing another bottle I've fallen in love again. The dewey finish gives a healthy glow to my skin and covers up scars without the need for concealer! For those 'trying to attempt makeup whilst on a moving vehicle' moments.

This is my favourite foundation at the moment. I dot this around the centre of my face and pat this into the skin using a stipling/buffing brush. Then blend out wards to wards my jaw and hair line. This has a medium coverage but still manages to brighten the skin and covers most imperfections.

A fairly new purchase but essential none the less. I always think that a dark lip can instantly take you from day to night, I also like to pat this only the lips for a lighter wash of colour. Even though this is the Lasting Finish formula I would say to reapply this every couple of hours.

This is and will always be my fuss free lipstick option. It's moisturising, fairly long lasting (about 3 hours) and matches my lip shade almost perfectly. I know what your thinking, why buy a lipstick that is the same shade as your lips? Well my top lip is quite pale and my Cupid's bow can sometimes get lost, this defines my lips and makes them stand out.

I don't want to seem ungrateful, but my lashes are long. Sometimes too long. And some mascaras turn my eyes into spiders, not a good look. So for me volume is everything and this really does the job. They fan out instantly and hold throughout the day. This doesn't fall so I don't have to worry about panda eyes, but somehow the colour fades towards the end of the afternoon. Not perfect, but very close.

As well as long lashes I also have incredibly long eyebrow hairs. So if they're out of place everyone and their dog notices. After using a clear mascara to hold them in place for years I've switched to a this tinted version and haven't looked back since. This catches onto all the hairs and instantly thickens my brows. One thing I would mention is that this catches onto all the tiny blonde hairs that you never noticed before so make sure to keep on top of that brow maintenance, your brows might double in size.

I've mentioned before that I'm not the biggest fan of eye liner. But this is perfect to use on my top waterline, my eyes look awake and my lashes appear thicker at the roots. One problem that I have is the colour transferring onto the bottom waterline but if you let this dry for a few minutes and wipe the bottom clean this doesn't have any problems.

With sensitive eyes I have a bit of redness through the day, whether it be from the cold weather or strong scents. I found that using a white liner on my bottom water line opened up my eyes and cancelled out the redness instantly. If I'm going to be out all day I like to carry this around with me and top up throughout the day, it takes two seconds!

I have always had circles under my eyes, but over the years I've grown to accept them. They define who I am and without them I wouldn't look the same. No concealer has been able to cover them but using this lightweight concealer under my eyes, along the tops of my cheek bones and on my brow bone has become a daily staple of my mine. I find that this lifts my features and acts as a highlighter.

Like I mentioned I have long brow hairs and unruly brows are my worst nightmare. I've been though too many pairs of tweezers, I either loose them or they loose quality. So when I saw the Tweezerman Tweezers with a compact travel case I had to get them. You never know when your going to need a good ol' pair of tweezers!

What do you pack when your away for the weekend?

Gem. x