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Beauty in 2014!

As 2014 is almost at an end I've seen quite a lot of negativity towards the past 364 days. And whilst I agree that next year will be better, I wanted to take a look at everything I've learnt in the world of beauty. The tips, the tricks and blog posts that changed it all.

Make Up

This year has been a major turning point for me, I've learnt so much about my face shape, the tones of my skin and which ingredients work well for me. I now have a collection of m

ke up that my skin loves and that I love using. Experimenting has become second nature to me, and when the mood strikes I love nothing more than to pull out my draws and brushes! Instead of make up tutorials I save photos and store magazines then use them for inspiration. The next step for 2015 is to take my findings out into the big wide world and have confidence in them.

Hair Care

Oh wow. For the majority of the year I hated my hair, it was thin, flat and lifeless. But towards the end I took the big chop. Now being the proud owner of a lob (long-bob) my hairs personality has changed. It's starting to thicken, it has a lot more volume thanks to having such a weight removed and its given me a fresh outlook of myself. Instead of looking in my teens I look my age, 21 almost a fully fledged adult. (I'm holding out until the big 22) If your in a hair rut, it may not the the products or the techniques your using. If all else fails book an appointment at the hairdressers for a fresh look and a fresh outlook!

Skin Care

Every year for me is a struggle with skincare. I've shed tears over breakouts and frustrated myself with images of baby smooth skin. I'm looking at you J-LO! But with this frustration came a desire to learn. I now know which ingredients my skin likes and needs. I've learnt that too much will overpower my skin, keeping my skincare routine short and sweet has been one of the best changes I've made. The second being a lack of certain hormones induced by birth control. (More on that later.) I'm not going to get my hopes up too soon, but expect a rather hearty post in the future.

Body Care

Do you find that you neglect your body? I definitely do. And so to remind myself to keep on top moisturising etc I have strategically placed products around my bedroom to eliminate the chore. I've opted for moisturising body wash and have found a new love for energising products! I now have a routine set throughout the week and have managed to stick to it for quite a while. Out of sight, out of mind. Bring those body butters into the sunlight!

Blog posts that helped me.

What have you learnt beauty-wise throughout 2014?

Gem. x