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Leighton Denny The International Collection S/S 2014

Leighton Denny is one of the only reasons that I go to M&S. That and their sandwiches, tell me they aren't amazing!  So when I came across a table filled with gorgeous S/S polishes at the Bloggers Love Fashion Week I was thrilled. I know that the colder months are coming, but my nails aren't going to give up without a fight!

The International Collection S/S 2014 aims to be a joyful explosion of colour with a shade to suit all skin tones. As well as "celebrating the fun and energy of travel, different communities and unique customs." Every shade is gorgeous, some are simple and creamy whilst others have a shimmer running through them. There are six to choose from;

  1. Glamazone - A delicious bright green with golden shimmer.

  2. Bon Voyage* - A dramatic creamy tangerine.

  3. Pure Paradise - A soft shimmery mother of pearl white.

  4. Mirage or Not* - A darling nude for an understated glamour finish.

  5. Passport to Shine - A pearlescent dazzling yellow.

  6. Reach for the Sky* - A sky blue with elegant silver shimmer.

The formula is quite thick, similar to the Barry M formula and can take a couple of thin-ish coats to get a nice bold colour. So put some time aside to use these properly. Once I sealed these with a top coat I was chip free for a few days but I was using Seche Vite and you know how much I hate it. I think that with the right top coat these could stretch a lot further in terms of wear.

If you're inpatient like me and don't have time to sit down and make a night of it, Leighton Denny offers a couple of solutions! The first is their Miracle Drops, simply add a drop or two to each nail and thats it! Your nails will be dry in no time.

"Life's too short to put on hold while waiting for nail polish to dry. I developed MIRACLE DROPS to speed up drying time so polish dries in double quick time" - Leighton Denny.

Another speedy alternative is the Miracle Mist, a non greasy lightweight mist that conditions cuticles as well as drying nail polish fast. Just spray over your tips and voila! 

What do you think of Leighton Denny Nail Polish? Do you use a fast drying product when painting your nails?

Gem. x