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Diary of a BBLOGGER.

Diary of a BBLOGGER

The posts on Slightgem are drafted and looked over days before being published. So I wondered what my thoughts would look like unedited. This is the first instalment of Diary of a Bblogger. Complete with a review of my days most exiting and of course beauty related news. Who cares what I have for breakfast, I want to be able to see exactly how many days that nail polish lasted for and where I managed to get this wonderful love for grey?

Day One.
I actually decided to paint my nails today, Chanel Holiday on both hands and feet. I always forget about orange, it's such an overlooked colour. Beautiful.

Day Two.
I have spent the better part of my evening organising my makeup and nail varnishes. It's taken me a good hour or so but it's done. Now I have a huge draw of things to get rid off. The majority of it is probably out of date, I'll have to go through it again before I pass it onto someone else.

(This writing every day is hard. I may have to write as I go, hooray for phone notes!)

Day 3.

I woke up this morning baffled. Do you ever fall asleep in your makeup and wake up with better looking skin? I honestly don't understand it. I remember reading an article in Cosmopolitan about a woman who never took her makeup off and one that did every night. They swapped night time habits and they're skin swapped. The woman actually had better skin from sleeping with a dirty face but decided she would rather take it off and have bad skin because it feels nicer. Full article here.

In fact, celebrity makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury says that her husband has never, ever seen her barefaced!  “If I’m on my own, I won’t sleep in it, but my husband has never seen me without makeup. At night, I take everything off my face and moisturize—because you have to let your skin breathe a bit—but then I put everything right back on again,” Tilbury told Into the Gloss. “I made the mistake of showing a boyfriend my un-made-up face once, and it was a big disaster. He was like, ‘What happened to your eyes?!’”

Charlotte Tilbury looks amazing, so it can't be that bad surely? Maybe the boy is right. 

To find out I've decided to keep a skincare diary. I know what your thinking, booooring! But I've seen a questionnaire or two flying around blogs and really want to give it a go. I need to get to the bottom of my skin and I think that this could be the answer.

Day 4.

Okay what the hell is my hair doing. I have really thin long hair that I lean on, get stuck in doors and always have in my face. It's been a bit dry and scraggly recently so I used the opportunity to test the JOICO Professional Hair Repair System. It is a 4 step system that claims to repair damage created by thermal styling, chemical treatments and the environment. All I know is that after 45 minutes spent applying product and towel drying, I now have the silkiest hair in the world! Honestly it's unmanageable. It's sliding around and getting caught in places I didn't think were possible. This calls for a pony tail.

Day 5.

Today is all about tanning. Now I have a love/hate relationship with tanning. I love that it makes me feel more confident, hello legs!  But it really does take some effort. Applying it isn't the worst part its maintaining. I always use the Lauren's Way Darker than Dark Glam Tan and my skin looks great every time. But washing off the guide colour makes me sad, I looked tropical now I'm just sun kissed. Give it 3 days and ill be pale again. This cycle is ridiculous, I wish I could be permanently tanned.

People are tattooing their eyebrows on, so I guess a permanent tan is only round the corner.

Day 6.

I was in central all day today. So I thought this was the perfect opportunity to test a new lip product, the Beauty UK Lip Vinyl. To cut a long story short this lipstick/gloss is fantastic. It's high gloss when you first apply it, feels great, is incredibly pigmented without being sticky and dried to a clean matte finish after a few hours. This did not budge. Of course if you've just applied it it's going to transfer onto a glass but it won't damage your lips at all. Very impressed. 

Day 7.

I danced around my room all morning! The skincare diary is working, I can now say my skin has almost completely cleared. Of course I have a few red marks/scars from previous blemishes but thats what concealer is for. Want to know my secret? I've taken things away! I've been using 2 products a cleanser and a moisturiser, and I may have slept in my makeup a couple of nights.  Of course this could be a complete fluke, I'll report back next week maybe? This definitely needs some more testing.

Happy face celebrations! 

Do you keep a daily or weekly diary? What have you been doing beauty-wise lately?

Gem. X

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