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Bedroom Inspiration: Retro Scandinavian.

SCAN minimal

As I get older I notice subtle changes in the things I do. Most for the better, I get up early to put washing on, I spend my lunch breaks looking at rugs and I have a thing for interior design. Hours pass whilst I browse for mugs, throws, plant pots and Pinterest for any more inspiration. I wasn't even planning on re-decorating but now I think I'll have to.

I have this unbelievable love for retro style scandinavian interiors. Their smooth lines, unbelievable beauty and warm functionality pull me in. Although my house is rented and my wardrobe too large to move I am trying hardest to create my own space. Armed with detailed room plans and a heavy shopping list, I thought I would share with you my favourite interiors and a few things that will be making the bedroom cut!

SCAN wood SCAN subtle colour SCAN COLOUR


Swapping standard clunky furniture for something a little different (like this side table from Ikea) can easily transform a space. Unique patterned rugs and graphic pillows are another way to give your room some character. Fixed pieces like furniture and flooring should be clean in shape and colour. Mixing materials like wood and smooth surfaces are a great addition, try your own DIY idea like this one. Pinterest has a great selection, just search for the style or item.

A few ideas that I had include floor lighting. Instead of bedside lamps, why not use a tall floor lamp behind a smaller side table. You could get a standard one like this. or customise your own. This base from IKEA is one of my favourites, then choose your shade and bulb. You can create something busy or simple and raw.

To add those personal touches look for furnishings. Urban outfitters has a great selection of home-ware. Here are some of my favourites.


Some pieces are quite expensive. So I've hunted high and low for DIY options,  my favourite so far is for the table on the bottom left. You could easily recreate this for half the price. First I looked for the legs, hair pin legs are quite hard to find and are quite expensive. Try eBay or looking for cheap deals online. Next to look for is the top. IKEA has a great storage box collection as part of their PS 2014 collection. By using a single box you could have a open shelf, two boxes you could fit shelves. The possibilities are very open with this style. For the closed top you could get a pain of glass fitted or use the top available as part of the collection. Why not opt for plain legs and create your own mosaic table top? They have some beautiful patterned tiles here and here.

When furniture has a finish that you may not like, (an example being the purple chair bottom right) you could cover it with a throw or even think about covering it with fabric and fitting a cushion?

As you can tell by the length of this post I am completely over my head in ideas and plans. Hopefully I will be able to update you once I've finished decorating. Keep an eye out during September for a room tour!

Do you think that your interests have changed as you got older? What DIY's have you done in your own bedroom or house?

Gem. x

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