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The Beauty Book Fix.

Beauty Books

Sometimes we all just need a break. Living in a world where the Internet controls us, its vital to take a step back and get back to basics. Over the past couple of weeks I've shut down everything and learnt a lot about myself, the world we live in and hopefully a few new tips to pass along! 

Straight off the bat I want to talk about books. I read a few pages of something almost every day, sometimes it's a few chapters and on rare occasions I can spend the entire day in a different world. Without beauty gurus and blogs I had to get my fix from somewhere.

1. Beauty by Lauren Conrad is a great selection of advice, how to's and beautiful photographs. This is something that every girl should have on their bookshelf.

2. The Diary of a Nose by Jean-Claude Ellena is an amazing compilation of entries showcasing the journeys of perfumes. This is one that I can immerse myself in for hours, the entries vary in length and are really easy to read whilst traveling.

3. Last but not least I really went to basics with the Vogue Body and Beauty Book. I managed to pick up this wonder at a car boot for around £1. Being the 1982 edition It's filled with vintage photographs from the 70's, adverts for products and tips for the perfect twiggy-esque look. Some information is out of date, but some is still spoken about today. It's  great refresher to flick through and find something a bit different. 

Magazines are a no brainer. Whilst I do love their glossy exterior, there is something about books that are for life. Magazines I tend to throw away as they get crumpled, pages get ripped out and plastered around my mirror and photos of inspiration get saved to the local album. I will always recommend traditional print to people, there is something truly beautiful about flicking through pages and smelling printed ink on fresh paper. As much as I appreciate them I've missed the blogs that I've formed a friendship with. Bloglovin is back in use, along with a fresh stack of downloaded books. The best of both worlds. 

What beauty books are your favourite? How would you get your beauty fix without the internet?

Gem. x

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