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A day out on the hill.

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Living in a city can have it's moments. There are only so many times you can brave the Saturday rush hour of Oxford Street. So I was thrilled when the boy took me to a hidden gem just minutes away from my house. Yesterday was filled with power walking up hills, amazing views, a spot of rain and full stomach! 

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Harrow on the Hill is home to a boys boarding school surrounded by the cutest little village. There are no supermarkets, no chain stores, no lampposts (they have lanterns) and no stress. Everything is simple, beautiful and a little like Hogwarts.

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We visited a small pub called The Castle. There is only a small selection of sandwiches and classic meals but oh my goodness it was amazing. I had the avocado and halloumi sandwich with tomato and black peppercorn chutney. The boy opted for the pulled pork and Monterey jack cheese sandwich. Of course my eyes were a lot bigger than my stomach, and we had a side of fresh cut chips and seasonal vegetables.

"If I'd of known that this season was that rubbish I wouldn't have ordered it." - The boys comments on the vegetables. "We're British this is every season." - My response trying not to laugh too much.

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You walk out of a side door and walk up a set of stairs to the beer garden. The view in-between houses is again incredible. It was such a great atmosphere for a couple of drinks.

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The private school has the best view of London, you can however catch a glimpse through their buildings. We could only imagine how clear the skyline would be on a sunny day. I will definitely be going back now that I know this little paradise is only minutes away.

If you live it a city, do you look forward to getting away from it all? Do you have a peaceful place nearby?

Gem. x

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