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What's in my shower.

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Every morning without fail I shuffle my way to the kettle to get my daily dose of caffeine. Without it I simply cannot function. That is at least I thought I couldn't. As it turns out, having the right shower product line up can be motivation enough to awake me from my slumber.

The first thing I do before I even get my toes wet is use the Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. I recently kicked all my skincare and started from scratch, so far this is the only cleanser that doesn't dry my skin out. It takes the sleepy skin layer off and preps me for the day. This is a great all rounder but I recommend using this at night as this literally takes the day off, it's fantastic!

To be honest I am absolutely terrified of using anything else, just incase my skins ends up looking like the back side of a sponge again. I have been looking at the cleansers on offer from Clinique, but every time I go to a counter some assistant tries to sell me something I don't need. So if any of you have some recommendations please send them my way. FYI: I have sensitive dry skin that needs a radiance boost!

Next I go in with the Free From Frizz Normal/Fine Blowout Shampoo. To be honest I enjoy this shampoo for all the wrong reasons. It does a great job of keeping the frizz at bay, but then I can control mine by combing through it and letting it dry naturally. I love this because it really gives my hair a deep clean. I can feel that product and grime has been lifted and left my hair squeaky clean! I don't think that I have had a product work so well with my hair before. It's not labeled as a clarifying shampoo in any way but I love the added bonus that it gives me.

Then I have a routine option, either using the Free From Frizz Normal/Fine Blowout Conditioner or the Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Mineral Hair Rescue Mask. The conditioner is perfect for a weightless shiny finish. My hair looks healthy and smells like watermelons for hours, I  get a lot of hair smelling and compliments when I use this. The mask is a little different, something special. Filled with aran oil and fragrance with  lime, mandarin and white florals this is just beautiful. The scent doesn't linger on your hair for long and does have a slight manly hue to it but I like it. My hair feels super soft, silky, light and nourished. Why bother going to a salon when you can have this quality at home? I do however have a bone to pick with the packaging. The lid is fantastic, you just flip it up grab a hand full and pop it back down, very helpful. However the pot is smaller on the inside than on the outside. Let me explain, have you seen on glass cups the bottom is almost an inch thick? Well this is the same concept, I was a little disappointed but a little bit goes a long way and it's a fantastic product!

Whilst I have product in my hair I like to use a facial scrub. The Elemis Fresh Skin Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash* is my favourite product at the moment. I have never been so impressed. Normally my skin throws a hissy fit if I use any kind of exfoliating product but this again just works for me perfectly. It has a thick consistency that smooths over your skin like a blanket of love. Using wet fingers I work the fine cherry powder and jojoba beads into my skin to remove dirt and other nasties whilst the aniseed and mandarin freshens and softens my skin. This has really brightened and cleared my skin, I have been so impressed with the results that I've already purchased my next tube!

Last but not least it's body time! My shower gel of choice has been the LUSH Happy Hippy Shower Gel. This is what I need to wake me up in the morning, the grapefruit juice and bergamot oil lifts my spirits and gives my skin that fresh feeling. I originally bought the small bottle as I just wanted to try it, but will be going back to purchase a bucket load! This lathers really well especially with The Body Shop Ultra Fine Bath Lily!

An extra step that I like to throw in is a body scrub which I use once to twice a week and more if I'm tanning. My favourite is The Body Shop Olive Body Scrub. I love everything olive and the oil in this leaves my skin feeling refreshed and moisturised! This is always in my stash no matter what! Some other favourites are the Grapefruit, Sweet Lemon and Honey versions. The Body Shop get it right every time! Another extra is the odd looking brush you can see to the side. This is the Boots Botanics Detox Brush, I like to use this when I'm feeling a bit down and congested. I use this on dry skin before I get in the shower and brush up towards the top of my body. This leaves my skin with a smoother and softer finish as well as a positive attitude. Of course this isn't guaranteed but I like the idea of it.

So there you have it, everything that's in my shower. I can leave the coffee for a bit longer and enjoy a good scrub! What do you currently have in your shower? Do you have any morning cleanser recommendations for me?

Gem. x

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