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LUSH Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask

lush lettuce love face mask 1

A couple of weeks ago I posted a Lush haul. I snapped up everything from shower jelly to face masks and today I am here to show you all my latest obsession. The Lush Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask has been my bi-weekly treat and my skin has benefitted dramatically from it!

lush lettuce love face mask 2

Brighten your complexion with nutrient-rich agar seaweed gel, soothing and moisturising honey and almond oil, and gently exfoliating almond shells. This mask is simply fragranced with French lavender, which has a calming effect on the mind and helps to balance the skin’s sebum production. (Source -Lush.com)

This has definitely helped to remove any build up on my skin, its texture has improved dramatically and looks brighter with each use! And the smell of this is just fantastic. I prefer to use this at night after a shower so that my skin is prepped and ready for a pamper. The texture is a little odd at first, almost gritty but feels great! As it starts to harden you do get a lot of fall down so make sure to put on your least favourite pyjamas. As I mentioned earlier I use this twice a week and one pot has managed to last almost a month. Because of the fresh ingredients I wouldn't advice keeping it any longer as they tend to dry out.

For only £6.25 this should be in everyones fridge. I have seen small changes make a big overall change to my skin and I'm so thankful!

What do you think of Lush face masks? Have you used a product thats performed perfectly with your skin?

Gem. x

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