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June Goals

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Recently I've noticed the months are moving quicker. It's June already and I can't think of many things I've achieved this year. So I've decided to note down a list of monthly goals, beauty, blogging and lifestyle related to keep me motivated. As well as have a recored to look back on and say I did this! 

The first on my list is to 'stick at it'. This particular goal is super broad, I wanted to be able to leave myself open to options. But so far I think I'm going to use fitness as a goal. I've set up a few things to do each week and try my hardest to stick to it. Even if it's something big like going for a run three times a week or smaller like drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

I would also like to be able to get myself organised. I have a diary which I use but no way near enough. To make sure I keep on top of my lists I'm keeping a variety of notebooks in my handbag to just go through when I have some spare time. On the tube to work I'm going to go through dates, times, people, places, events etc. When I have a spare minute throughout the day I'm going to focus on my blog. And then before I go to bed I am going to evaluate the day, what I've done, eaten and as a result achieved. 

I am a hoarder. I have a lip balm in almost every room in my house, just in case. I have tones of clothes that I don't like, clutter that I don't use and general crap laying around my house. This needs to stop! The plan is that once a week I would like to set a day aside to keep on top of my hoarding ways. Maybe one day I'll clean out my wardrobe, then maybe have a late-spring clean of the house, even tackle my bathroom cabinet or beauty stash? It's the little things that I'm hoping will make a big change for my environment and hopefully my mind. I get distracted easily so hopefully de-cluttering my surroundings will de-clutter my mind.

This last one is a blogging goal. Sometimes I feel like I could be more personal. Living in London I go to amazing places but always forget to document it. I would like to share more of my life with you, what events and exhibitions do I go to, where has the best smoothies, which is better five guys or pattie & bun? And so as a rule every adventure or outing I go on this month, you guys are coming with me!

I'm hoping that sharing this with you all is going to motivate me to actually stick at it! Of course this is just baby steps but by the end of June I would like to let you know how I got along along with any goals I may have for July. Stay tuned for that and wish me luck!

Do you feel like time is moving to quickly? What kind of goals do you set for yourself?

Gem. x

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