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Nad's Natural Warm Wax.

Hair is an odd thing. Some we cherish, obsess over and spend hundreds of pounds on. Others we tend to dismiss without a second glance. I have always been a razor girl, they get the job done quickly and pain free. Along with most girls I know, I've neglected my lower limbs. The winter months have taken it's toll on my energy levels and after living in jeans I almost forgot about them. That is until spring knocked on my door and the stores filled with floaty skirts and short dresses. It's that time again, but this time I'm doing it properly.

I remember a friend of mine getting her legs waxed, it was beautiful. Baby smooth skin and all without a tear. It was the first time I had really seen someone get anything waxed and it was glorious. I booked myself in for a session and was converted myself. That is until a few weeks later when I realised that I had to let my hair grow out in order for it to be waxed again. I repurchased razors and only kept the sticky stuff for special occasions.

I religiously purchased Veet Waxing Strips which in my opinion are fantastically convenient, but never really lived up to my first salon experience. Most things I've purchased haven't even come close. That is until I came across Nad's. After it's fabulous make over Nad's is here to showcase it's natural gels, warm and hard waxes and hair removal creams. They're specially formulated to remove hair from the root and make removal fuss free.

To kick start my body into spring I used the Nad's Natural Warm Wax*. I just wanted to start by saying that this stuff smells a-ma-zing! It's an almost sweet and fruity scent, which is down to the cleansing orange blossom and soothing red grape extracts. The package itself comes with 170g of wax, a spatula, 5 cloth backing strips, 3 cleansing wipes and a set of instructions. Of course the idea is pretty straight forward so once I'd calmed down about the smell I popped this straight into the microwave. That's the great thing about at-home waxes, you just use what you need and then pop it into storage until you need it again. 15 seconds is enough to heat up a full pot, wipe down the area (wipes provided) and dry it off. Once everything is prepped it's time to remove some hair!

I found it easiest to use thin layers of wax and work in thin strips. Just smooth it on, press on a backing strip and stroke in the direction of hair growth. Take a breath... And pull on the strip the opposite way. Remember not to pull out, but along the skin. It's less painful and works for an easier removal.

Just a quick tip, the strips included will not be enough. Either stock up or be prepared to walk to boots the next day with half a smooth leg.  

My legs are now silky smooth and I'm ready to bare all. My faith in wax has been restored and to be honest, I weirdly enjoyed it. It's always nice to have a pamper and spend some extra time on yourself. Make sure that you have a good hour spare, and remember practise makes perfect. I definitely had to take a few test strips.

If this post has sparked a new interest, make sure to check out the rest of Nad's natural wax collection! It's all here. 

What do you think of waxing? Does the waiting time bother you?

Gem. x