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Instagram Feeds You Need to Follow | Interior Design

I am a serious lover of Pintrest, I spend most of my 'me time' looking at fabric combinations, reformed furniture and unique home DIY projects. Who knew you could sand and repaint floorboards, goodbye carpet! But of course what if you want some interior inspiration whist on the move? That calls for Instagram and these are my picks of the best accounts to fulfil anybody's cravings. 

@elledecorationnorge - The offerings of Norwegian Elle Decoration magazine. 


@brightbazaar / brightbazaarblog.com - Author and colour addict, Mr Bazaar is about to blow you away!


@amerrymishap / amerrymishapblog.com - Mother, wife and blogger. Jennifer has the most beautiful blog and feed that I could scroll through for hours! 

@jonathanadler / jonathanadler.com - Jonathan Adler is a design company dedicated to bringing style and colour into your life. And it's a (very expensive) store! We can dream.

@theenglishroom / theenglishroom.biz - Interior Designer, shopaholic and mother. This feed is crammed with enough lifestyle and homey posts to make anyone jealous!

@thedesignfiles / thedesignfiles.net The Design Files is Australia's most popular design blog and my personal favourite! This blog and Instagram covers homes, design, art, retail and more. It's a serious winner!

I've realised that since turning 21 something amazing has started happening to me. I like bowls, magazines with vitamin explanations and potted plants. I've been subconsciously planning the next house in every detail. I finally feel like I'm growing up. That doesn't mean that I'll stop buying so much makeup, hell no. I just feel like now, I want somewhere rather funky to store it. I've got the decorating bug and I'll have to ride it out until August. (Which is when my tenancy runs out and I can move house!)  

Are you interested in Interior Design? What do you think of these Instagram feeds, any recommendations? 

Gem. x