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Getting back to nature.

As you can probably tell I've been away for a few days. I was able to spend a few days in Suffolk where my parents live. Amongst the chocolate, reminiscing and garden parties I was able to take a morning bike ride. Behind my house is a wood with streams, flowers, fields and the most beautiful scenery. I managed to stop along the way and take a few photos for you all!

I am planning to go back hopefully in a month or so. Hopefully I can do the same route on foot (it took two hours on a bike) to really capture how beautiful it is. Now that spring is here the flowers are in bloom and the air is warm, it really is the perfect time to be outdoors. I've decided to at least try to spend a few mornings a week outside, whether it's for a jog, a walk or just reading a magazine. This is the time to get back to nature! 

Do you have any hidden spring time gems where you live? 

Gem. x