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Beauty UK Grit FX Nail Polish.

Beauty UK is a new brand to me, after receiving a few of their nail products as a Christmas present I've taken a liking to a few new releases. Their most impressive is their Grit FX polish. These beauties have fine sand as well as colour to create a textured effect. 

The two colours above are Shoreditch, an electric blue and Bird Cage, a bright pink. The first layer is mostly texture, but the second layer adds some serious colour. These take two simple manicures and turn them into something simple yet edgy. I've had one day of wear and already I can't stop looking at my nails. Of course you wouldn't use a top coat, but that to me is a good thing, you get a tone of texture and relatively quick results. Every nail was dry, both coats in total of five minutes. I removed a few nails, it's harder to remove than a normal polish but no where near as damaging as most glitter polishes. 

It's a win for me and I've started looking at neutral shades, Kensington is a creamy nude and Banksy is a warm slate. At only £3.49 each these should be in everyones polish stash. 

Have you tried any products from Beauty UK? What do you think about textured nail polishes?

Gem. x