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Currently Loving | For Those Quiet Moments

It's been a week filled with my favourite high street brand, products and a few tips. So of course I had to share with you a few more that have been on my tips and lips! We have had miserable weather here in the UK but that hasn't stopped me pulling out the most outlandish outfits in an attempt to brighten up the day. Ive been thinking what would Carrie do? Yellow wellies and a pink wool coat later I can honestly say I am in the mind set of a bon bon, and I love it! 

During my first venture into Fragrance Direct I came across a couple of goodies that I just couldn't resist. One of them was the Bourjois New Effect 3D Lipgloss in 53 Corail artistic. Popped over some lip balm this has a vibrant colour to brighten anyones smile! It's super highdrating and although it doesn't stick around for the proclaimed 8hrs, it still beats other high street offerings. I almost forgot to mention, this only cost £1.99! Bargain of the week?

Almost. Another addition to the order was the Bourjois So Laque Ultra Shine Nail Enamel! Three to be precise. I opted for two brighter shades for summer, 43 Magenta Show and 61 Vert Chlorophylle. The first is as you probably guessed a bright magenta pink that screams for attention. The latter is a green toned turquoise that even I surprisingly fell in love with! The last pick was something for the night, Noir de Chine, which when translated means Black China. Such a gorgeous colour, a deep black with a slight undertone of redish browns. Heavenly! Oh and at 99p each these are the real bargains!

The final and non makeup related is Stylist Magazine. Now normally you have to pass a certain tube station to get hold of one of these. But if like me you are lazy/a hermit you can order the issue online from the comfort of your own home! Yes the magazine is free, but of course £1 postage is a steal and a lot cheaper than tube fare! This week the article which I think is named "Decisions decisions...", is full of swatches from the latest and greatest products! It's the spring colour palette to satisfy everyone. Nails, lips, cheeks and eyes this has been held up to my face quite a few times this week. I hope that this becomes a regular addition, the colours, the trends, the brands. I may have to take it upon myself! 

"It takes the average woman 21 minutes to select her ideal shade at beauty counters."- Superdrug Face Value Survey.

What are your favourite products this week? Have you managed to bag some bargains on Fragrance Direct? 

Gem. x