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My Favourite Mani, Fighting Formulas!

It's been just over two weeks since I acquired the Ciaté Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar and had twenty four new shades to play around with. I knew that I had to recreate one of the most amazingly gorgeous manicures I have ever had, the SensatioNail Baby Doll Pink and Silver Glitter! The verdict is in, gel vs original...

First of all I would like to point out that both polishes need two coats, pale pink polishes are in my opinion quite sheer and will need a minimum of two coats to get the true shade. Because my skin is quite pale, soft pinks suit me really well. Both were stunning and brought me the same amount of joy. Draw!

This is where it gets interesting, my fingers and nails are quite small so I prefer a fine glitter and the SensatioNail composition was amazing, one coat and I was blown away, no need for rearranging or a second. The Ciaté however is slightly larger, which I don't mind. The thing that let me down was that it needed two coats, with just one it lacks depth.

You may think that this is unfair, due to the fact that one formula is a gel, but this is going to surprise you. With a gel I know that I need to set aside time for soaking and removing etc, but glitter polishes are so hard to removal that I end up using gel removal techniques and tools anyway. If it's going to take me 15-20 minutes to prep my nails for a new colour I may as well get the two weeks wear out of it. 

When using SensatioNail I only used glitter on an accent nail, and the Ciaté on all of my nails. I love both looks and the choices compliment each other so well, I just couldn't choose.

Overall Look
I remember being so happy with my SensatioNail manicure choice, I couldn't stop talking about them or showing people! I was a woman obsessed. But the recreation just didn't do it for me, the shine wasn't there, the glitter not as dazzling. It's a clear winner...


With all this in mind you may be wondering why I'm currently not flashing off my 'favourite' mani. The shade Silver Glitter is so dazzling that It's constantly out of stock. I check on almost every break from work and always leave disappointed with a bag full of other products to try and ease the pain. Which is why I will say this, if you are a SensatioNail user and you spot it, buy it. Because the next time you even think about it, it's gone. My search will continue. 

What do you prefer gel or original? Have you got a 'favourite' manicure?

Gem. x