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Leighton Dennys Golden Girl.

Hello my name is Gemma and I'm a nail polish addict. Which is why I am here today to introduce you to my latest addition! This is a first time, finding a brand that I love, a new brand. I had never heard of Leighton Denny before, until that is I took a trip into Marcs and Spencers. Right at the back is a beauty hall style layout, skincare booths, makeup counters and fragrances climbing the walls. Guess which section I walked to first...

With the polishes calling my name, I spot some strange and wonderful shades. Metallic greens with black glitter running though it, an almost matte fuchsia pink. I painted a few nails, mmm. By the time I went to wipe it off, it was dry. My hand reached out to stock up until I caught the price, £11. My heart broke a little, I was recently disappointed with a particular Chanel offering. Not again. 

Do not fear, I managed to find the shade Golden Girl in the sale, £2.50 what a bargain! The formula is fantastic, just two light coats and you have fabulous depth of colour! Like I mentioned earlier it dries in under a minute and leaves the most fantastic shine. The day that I brought this home I found a blog post from a few years back when this brand clung to the covers of Harper Bazaar. These are by far the best swatches of polish that I have seen in a while. I've been dying to swatch this myself for you, but I'm currently waiting to take my gel polish off so that you get the best impression. I'll add it later on.

Whilst the full price is expensive for high street, it's completely justifiable. The initial shock has worn off and so I will be claiming a few core colours into my collection, will you?

What do you think of Leighton Denny? 

Gem. x