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The Twelve Days of Nailmas: Choosing the Right Colours.

Welcome to Nailmas day one! The first thing that I wanted to talk about is colour, with so many options, what have I narrowed it down to? Well the first thing I would like to point out is that none of these polishes are 'high end', I find that most expensive polishes either have a horrible formula, or don't really look that jazzy, which is what christmas nails are all about lets face it! So with the high street in mind, lets see what made the cut...

I've separated my options into two categories, warm and cool. Kind of like a Christmas tree, people always choose a theme that's either filled with silver and metal, or gold and glass. My mother always has a gold theme, and I have the cutest glass angel decoration to add. That's all I could think about whilst choosing these colours. First up the reds, shades to represent the big guy and the light to lead the way. No red should ever be without glitter at Christmas, even a subtle shimmer is a necessity.

SensatioNail - Barefoot Berry looks rather average on the box, but the second I unscrewed the lid my eyes light up, this is the perfect in your face red without being bright imagine the shade of red on a stain glass window. With a subtle shimmer this ticked all the right boxes.

SensatioNail - Raspberry Wine has a very similar effect to Barefoot Berry but has a pink hue, much more like bright mulled wine. Even thought it isn't technically a red this has the impact of a red, the party has arrived kind of colour.

Avon - Ruby Slippers is the budget polish I mentioned. This has been in my collection for years, every time I run out I always just repurchase it. I should probably thank mother for this, I'm pretty sure the first one I had I 'borrowed' from her. This is the bright red with enough glitter to rival creamfields. (Inside joke, google it.) And deserves a place in any polish collection!

Beauty UK - Dorothy is very appropriately named, It's fine to medium glitter would be the perfect top coat and has incredible sparkling powers. I've never heard of Beauty UK until I recieved some of their products as a gift. With such gorgeous formulas these chip in about 3-4 days which is average but the variety of polishes is insane. Honestly I will be purchasing more.

Butter London - West End Wonderland may be seen as a high end product, but I don't think its formula is anything special. And to top that it's the hardest glitter polish I have tried to remove. That being said, using this for nail art is gorgeous! I once used a beige taupe as a base and used this along the tips of my nails for an alternative to the French manicure!

SensatioNail - Gold Glitter is another  detailing polish, all over for a full on sparkle, used only for an accent nail or with a fine brush to create gorgeous patterns. The incredibly fine glitter has so much potential and will not disappoint. If your a SensatioNail user is this one product you need in your collection!

Beauty UK - Gold Digger has a lot of potential as well, a thick chunky glitter to coat your nails in. My top tips for this is to pour some out and then with a fine brush pick up individual pieces of glitter to decorate your nails with, baul balls on a Christmas tree, details on a decoration or  in any other way you want. It's super easy and looks like you've put much more effort into your mani. Caution: May cause insane jealously, be careful of who you flaunt your tips too! 

Beauty UK - Constillation is an alternative to the standard festive glitter. This has large, medium and fine pieces of glitter in both a charcole and gold. Use this on an accent nail over a gold shimmer and your instantly add sophistication. Very impressive for those dinner parties. Cheers!

Beauty UK - Slimaril has a very strange name, but don't let that put you off. This shocked me when I roughly painted one nail, a pale champagne gold packed with plenty of shimmer. I genuinely think that I'm going to be wearing this Christmas Day. Any colour can compliment this, but definitely shouldn't, this speaks for itself and demands everyone's attention!

SensatioNail - Espesso Bean is something that everyone can appreciate, not just the coffee lovers. A dark rich brown with an underlying gold shimmer. Subtle but sultry. This is for a more grown up take on the Christmas mani. Deep enough to catch someone's eye and with enough sparkle to lure them under the mistletoe. 

SensatioNail - Taupe Tulips is the base that I used with Butter London's West End Wonderland. For nail art lovers this is warm enough to accentuate the gold in other polishes and a great starting point for most Christmassy designs. With the colour of a glass splashed with Baileys, this with give you the same lip licking feeling. 

The warms have really set the bar high, but don't fret. If your a more laid back cool sort of person I have the perfect line up to keep your tips ice cold even whilst roasting chestnuts on the open fire.

Avon - Gleaming Emerald is exactly what the name suggests. A deep emerald packed with shimmer. This alone is show stopping, but for a more creative use try using this as holly leaves or even a stunning Christmas tree! 

Beauty UK - Moonstone is the one polish that I has honestly taken my breath away. In the bottle it looks average, a standard silver shimmer. But the second you paint think on and the light touches this is almost glows a silver with blue and turquoise undertones. It really does make me think of a moonstone, and should be treated like one. This by itself would hypnotise me but also used as an accent nail with a navy or green polish would look fantastic!

Revlon - Sequin a solid thick glitter that dominates all others! If you want to stand out this is all you'll need, honestly! 

Maybelline - Flash Cosmic is a clear polish with a fine glitter running through it. There isn't too much but enough to catch the light. Tilt your hand and see the pale blue undertones shine through!

Beauty UK - Olympic Silver is another polish that doesn't look that great in the bottle, but one coat will give you a pure metallic touch. I always liken it to the girl version of wolverine, if you've since that particular xmen film you will understand. Who doesn't want liquid metal nails?!

I understand that this is a lot to take in, 16 shades for one holiday, but don't forget New Years is only around the corner and after that comes Valentines day. Any of these purchases will of course see you well into 2014! 

What is your favourite polish for Christnas? Any other tips for using glitter?

Gem. X