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Recommended Gifts for the Not-So-Sensible!

I've spoken about the opportunity of gifting your recommendations to those you love this year. My last post was based around your more sensible friends, the ones you meet for afternoon tea and go running with on a Sunday afternoon. This is it's naughty sister, I have chosen a few products that I not only love but my less sensible friends will love as well. These are the people that do in fact own a dressing up box at the age of twenty (holly), the girls that think of house music as a religion and the ones that have actually debated buying a £300 pill that makes you poop glitter. Don't believe me?

Nothing can grab attention quite like a bold set of nails. In my opinion this can be achieved in two ways, bold statement colours and of course glitter! Nails Inc Baker Street is a fairly new discovery but has already made its way into the top tip charts! A bright royal blue with the power to rival even the most beautiful skies. A more classical option is Essie's Watermelon, a bright pink with strong red undertones. For a more dramatic effect I would highly suggest Barry M's SNP1, a frosted white with primary coloured glitter running through it. Gorgeous!

I sometimes find that people with louder personalities are less patient, which is why my next suggestion is perfect. Nail wraps are a great way to have fantastic looking nails with almost zero effort! I really love these textured glitter nail wraps from eyeCANDY. This particular pack is a combination of a glitter base with multicoloured glitter spots, the finish is raised and sparkles like nothing I've ever seen in before. I can't wait to try these and show you all, most definitely party wear!

The final product is a scent, something that I think is perfect for everyone to play around with. This particular one is from Victoria Secret, even though it's a body spray this packs such a vibrant variation of scents into each spray. "Hypnotize in Love Spell, a vibrant, irresistible blend of lush cherry blossom and juicy peach." Even the description excites me. This particular bottle is for a giveaway winner which I know she will love!

What products would you recommend for the outlandish ones in your phone book? Do you have any stand out products that make you bubble with excitement?

Gem. x