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Currently Loving | November Favourites!

It's that time again where I round up my monthly favourites and put them up on the pedestal that they deserve. This month has gone so quickly I almost can't believe it! I know that everyone says that but honestly I've been so busy that I haven't even realised the dates go by. The run up to Christmas has been filled with stress, candles, warm clothes and plenty of hot drinks. So what made the cut?

Speaking of warm clothes, I think I've actually stumbled upon a revolution of accessories. Here me out. I bought a Zara Scarf which you all know I was over the moon about. Post here. And since then it hasn't left my body, notice that I didn't say neck? I've used this as a blanket and as a shawl, as well as its intended use. I even wrapped this around my body under my coat because my top was a bit too short to be wearing with leggings (i.e you could almost see my bum, not a good look!) People were commenting on how amazing my "skirt" looked over the floral knit. I don't think I will ever get bored of this, especially as it has two patterns, one tartan and one monochrome. 

The Organic Surge Facial Wash has been something that I look forward to use. One pump to clean off makeup and a second to cleanse the face. I've used oils and balms, hot cloths and lotions but nothing has been as quick and efficient as this. I lather this in my hands for about five seconds and then massage into my face for twenty give or take. Repeat and it's done. Don't get me wrong I love using masks and extra oils, but my bathroom is completely tiled so you can imagine how cold it is, and sometimes I just want to get into bed. Another plus is I think It's clearing my skin, I can't tell because I have been using other new products at the moment but the combination is working wonders! 

This couldn't be a favourites post without the Laura Mercier Colour-to-go Palette in Nude. There is a full review of this here, and wow was it popular! As you probably know if you follow me on twitter, my comments section wasn't working so I am very upset that I didn't get your opinions on it. They should be up and running now, so if you didn't get the chance yesterday feel free to pop back. 

There is usually a trend in my favourites, because of my most appreciated segment as part of the 'my week' posts I normally just wrack up the majority of them with a few extras that just didn't wow enough that particular week. But these final two have almost gone unnoticed, until now.

The Body Shop Olive Beautifying Oil has been on my bed side for the past few months. I used it for almost everything that isn't too sensitive. On a cotton pad for cuticles, massaged into my feet, my elbows and well all over really. The smell is right up my street for this time of year and I swear the bottle isn't emptying in the slightest. Never ending oil? Well that's any ones favourite! Another overlooked product is something that my younger brother got me for Christmas last year. The Yankee Candle in Almond Cookie was the only one he liked and insisted that my mother buy it. He is three years old so this is actually adorable. I've looked online and it seems that Yankee Candle have discontinued it as I can only find an option to buy one on eBay, amazon etc. Which is obviously a massive shame as you cannot give it a sniff before you buy, if you like nuts and sweet cakes then this is for you!

We can only hope for plenty of fizz, parties, and chestnuts roasting on an open fire for December. Next time your here for the 'pedestal' moment I will have lots of additions from the man in red himself.

What have you been loving his month? Any wonders to keep you warm throughout the cold? 

Gem. X