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Green Nail Polish.

Now that the weather is changing I thought I would help you all transition into the colder months. The leaves become darker, the clothes are thicker and your choice of beverage at Starbucks becomes hotter with a lot more cream. The first of this series is all about the greens. Nature doesn't turn dark and dingy, so why should your nail polish. Swap your usual lick of colour for something a few shades darker. 

An example of this subtle change, take Barry M's Gelly Polish in Greenberry and swap it for Rimmel's Salon Pro in Peppermint. This has blue undertones and cools against your skin tone. For a more dramatic change, take Essie's The More The Merrier - a bright smooth shade - and replace it with something deep and textured. My favourite is Avon's Mosaic Effects Polish in Emerald. Another favourite of mine is Butter London's Jack the Lad, a very similar glitter polish without the separating effect.

How will you transition your nails through to Autumn/Winter? Would you like to see more of these 'transitional' posts?

Gem. x