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Currently Loving | August Favourites.

It's that time again where I gather all my favourites of the month without any hesitation. This month has been quite minimal for me. I haven't gone crazy with any products or clothing as I tried to break everything down to the basics when I moved back to London. It was a great chance to really get to grips with what I really look for when purchasing something. The conclusion? I need to be more daring, confident and spend a little time planning things more. Shockingly bad style choices eh? These were the few products that despite my realisation will be continuing with me through to september and hopefully for many months to come. 

Philosophy Cinnamon Buns Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath. I've tried quite a few products from philosophy and have loved every single one! This in particular feels like I'm smothering myself in icing, without the sticky aftermath. This lathers incredibly well, the scent lasts on the skin all day, and even has multiple uses, whats not to love? The price tag may throw you off, but I used the vanilla birthday cake every day and it lasted a good six or so months. With over 15 scents there is something for everyone! Next on my list is Mimosa. 

After a 20 minute sniff test around Diptyque I fell in love with Mimosa, the combination of hay, honey and mimosa flowers swept me away. I purchased a room spray and keep it on my desk, but have found myself giving my wardrobe a spritz and even myself before running out of the door. I can't get enough, I've even turned my perfumes away. Crazy right? This scent is only available in 'home fragrances' form (candles etc) but that hasn't stopped me. It's not the cheapest when you think about what it's intended for. But I've been going cray cray and it hasn't dented. Solid investment in my opinion.

Having a round face, most sunglasses just don't suit me. It's something I just accepted over the years, until I spent a good part of my day on the hunt for the perfect pair. I needed something with a little shape, that didn't take up my entire face, and there they were. Black with tan ombre lens and slightly pointed frames. Facial heaven. Even though it's cooling down a bit here in the UK, the sun keeps on shining and these have become a handbag essential.

I have taken a rather dramatic hair change, more on that later. And to take care of my hair a bit more I've been running this though the ends and body to smooth out spilt ends, and hopefully rescue a few of them. Because my hair is quite fine I only use this after washing and blowdrying. It's been a complete saviour and has lasted me forever. I may have to investigate further into the world of hair oils. All i know is that my hair has never felt as smooth and healthy, must be doing some good right?

After hearing so many raved reviews about this I took the plunge on a whim, and was I surprised. I don't normally get along with high street brings in terms of bases, but this really blew me away. It has a gel formula with a few skin benefits. One of them being to enhance radiance, and not just whilst using this, the antioxidants and vitamins erase signs of fatigue, even out complexion and enhance radiance up to four weeks of continuous use. Now i'm not entirely sure if i agree with this, but my skin has been lacking some over the past week that I changed bases. Coincidence? I'll do some more testing and get back to you.

This product was one of Clinique's post popular products, and still is even after it's environmental update! Of course the world is changing and so are the harms to our skin, products have to adapt with that to give off the correct protection. I never used the original formula as I had quite oily skin, but now that it's drying out slightly this has been my daily moisturiser. It's new formula helps strengthen skin’s own moisture barrier. My skin feels soft and springy all day with a healthy-looking glow. If your looking for something to hit beneath the barrier then this is it.

Bertie Leather Fringed Brogues. 
I'm a leather shoe lover, boots especially. But sometimes boots can be too much and you need something smaller. As I'm not the greatest fan of ballet style shoes I opted for brogues. I love patent leather and the added fringe just light the spark for me. I've been wearing these pretty much every day without fail. I bought them from TkMax as they had about 50% taken off them which only made me love them more. I can't wait for the weather to cool down more so that I can wear them with some cute ankle socks, along with my entire winter wardrobe!

What have you been loving this month? Do you have any products to recommend when getting down to basics? 

Gem. x