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The So Project.

If you haven't heard already, there is a new series of blog posts hitting the internet especially for young teens, beauty newbies or anyone looking for some info. Each week will have a different topic and will be available to you from 6PM every Tuesday. There are around 120 bloggers working on this so you'll have plenty of opinions, experience and knowledge to find the answers to your questions. We will be covering the details of each product, how it's used, our experiences, tips and more!

Excited? Here is the line up...
Week One: Skincare
Week Two: Concealer
Week Three: Foundation
Week Four: Bronzer
Week Five: Blusher
Week Six: Mascara
Week Seven: Eyeliner
Week Eight: Eye shadow
Week Nine: Lips
Week Ten: Makeup Tools

There will also be a few intro/concluding posts popping up here and there—so look out for those too! Want to see a complete list of bloggers participating? Head over to Steph, the creator's blog for a full list! 

Gem. x

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