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Pedicure Favourites

Is it just me or do you leave your feet out of usual routine? I know I do. And with sandals making their way into my everyday outfit I thought I should pay more attention to the walkers. These are just a few products that I use on a weekly basis (At least!).

First of all I get rid of any roughness whilst in the shower, with the No More Rough Stuff Foot Smoother. I use this everyday or whenever I need it to leave my feet baby smooth! If I don't have time with will be an overnight fluffy sock job, if you know what I mean. Then I slather on some of The Body Shop Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue. When this soaks in you won't be able to stop stroking them, unless your ticklish of course. For a more in depth session I like to file my nails and trim any cuticles, remember toes are just as important as your fingers! My two choices are the Tweezerman Cuticle Nipper, and the Leighton Denny Large Crystal Nail File. Which I have seemed to misplace at this current moment, the hunt is on. If I've managed to put some time aside I will repaint my nails with something vibrant with a wicked top coat, my toe nails never chip and can last for a while. Until I get bored that is. And finally, I know this is meant for fingers but those little piggies need some TLC, that's where The Body Shop's Hemp Hand Oil Treatment`comes into play. One drop of this around each toe nail leaves them refreshed and maintained. So much so that my mothers uses this on her hands daily, I must buy her one of her own.

You'll be walking bare foot with every opportunity. Do you set time aside for your feet? How often do you get the fluffy socks out?

Gem. x