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Currently Loving | July Favourites.

It's the end of the month again where I take the time to appreciate some of the products that I have been loving. With the gorgeous weather this round up is a little more diverse than previous. I've been caught up in makeup (particularly the base) and style purchases more than ever, and even dabbling in a few at home pampering products! (Stay tuned for my verdict!)

First up is something that I haven't been leaving the house without. (Mentioned in a previous blogpost here.) The Eau Thermale Avène Very High Protection Emulsion SPF 50+, has made It's way into my daily routine and succeeds in giving me that extra protection that other products lack in. Unlike other sun protection creams, the formula is lightweight and smooths straight into the skin, no more stickiness!

A surprising addition is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. From the depths of my makeup collection it has reemerged with the beaming light that my skin needs. Giving a light to medium coverage this evens out my skin tone and keeps it dewey for hours! The general wear isn't fantastic I must admit, but keeping it topped up with some translucent powder does the trick and gives it a few more hours of wear. Which brings me onto my next favourite...

One day browsing through the makeup counters at Debenhams I found myself in awe at Estee Lauder. After a quick match up the Invisible Powder Compact was in my handbag as a permanent staple. It's handy mirror and application sponge keeps me topped up through the day to reduce shine and keep my makeup set in place. Perfect for on the go, especially in the heat the UK has been getting.

Beauty aside, shocker I know. There has been one thing that has made my July. A pair of black Havaianas. The Black synthetic '4127244' metallic logo to be precise. With long shifts at work and some rather light outfit choices these have been my go to foot comforter. I've been so mesmerised by the fit of these that I've even been wearing them around the house. They go with everything and feel like I'm constantly walking on clouds. I couldn't speak any higher of them.

If you read my weekly roundups (posted every Sunday) then you will know that I've had a slight addiction to Pintrest. And I use the term slight very loosely. Every night without fail, you can find me 'repinning' away! The home decor category is my absolute favourite, and my worst enemy at the same time. Ikea is going to have a shock when I move into my new house. Take a browse at my boards, and even create your own account. Like I've said before, do so at your own risk. Warning: Highly Addictive! 

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments below, or leave a link to your favourites I'd love to see them!

Gem. x