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Desk-side Essentials.

After finally being unpacked I thought I would show you my desk-side essentials, what products I keep out with me and what is on my to buy list. I always find myself searching for bedroom tours, bedside photos and deskspration on pintrest, so It's nice to finally have a space to show you all. 

Every desk needs a good candle. (If this is in your bedroom make sure you choose something that you don't mind sleeping with.) I love sweet scents, so vanilla is an essential scent to my house. This candle was bought for £5.99 from TkMax and has hours of burning time! I'm not sure what brand it is, but I always buy a candle for it's packaging. Read my DIY Beauty Essential Storage post to see why. Sticking with scents I recently took the plunge and make my first Diptique purchase, Mimosa. I spent ages looking for my scent and I found it. With a blend of mimosa flowers, hay and honey this is something I spray around my bedroom every morning. Some tips? Something a little more unusual, If you have a room spray that you really enjoy why don't you line your draws with tissue paper and scent it yourself? Or even give your wardrobe a spritz? I enjoy this so much sometimes I even spray a bit on myself instead of using perfume. Money well spent for so many uses. 

My skin has been quite dry recently so I've had my Clinique moisture surge to hand. It's usually later in the day when I've taken my makeup off and feel a tad tight, that I either smooth this into my skin, or blob in problem areas. It targets any dryness and leaves a lovely smooth finish. Some more products that I keep close to me, are my favourite Dior lipsticks. I'm not a great fan of lipsticks, most of them just dry out my lips or don't have enough shine. If anyone can suggest a similar alternative to the Addict collection I would be really grateful. These are perfect for when I'm about to run out of the door and either need to put something on my lips or in my bag. Plus they are incredibly pretty. 

And finally two little additions that have no purpose, but are simply adorable. A little pink candle which I don't plan on burning as I don't think it has a scent. And a ceramic hare, or rabbit, but I'm sticking with hare. And this is why, whilst shopping for bedroom lamps I came across a ceramic rabbit lamp and the tail light up, cute right? The boy said no, well actually he said "no bunnies". So whilst in TkMax I came across this fella, who just had to come home with me! If the boy asks It's a hare. He's from Manchester and probably wont know the difference, until such a time when he does realise I'll have an ornament in disguise! 

The final touches? I would just like to pick up a double draw from muji, for bits and bobs, and maybe some flowers. I planning to pop the Ikea Alex small draw set next to my desk and fill with my makeup stash, but that will be for next pay day. What do you think so far? What do you have on your desk?

Gem. x