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My Morning Smoothie.

I'm not going to pretend that I'm the healthiest person around. (I have a weakness for crisps). But since finding the ol' smoothie maker at the back of the cupboard I have been trying to make an effort. I never used to be a fan of smoothies, an innocent incident left me with a hatred for mango and a turning stomach every time I see their evil little bottles in boots. But I have found something that has left me wanting more. All of my favourite, more delicate, fruits in one handy serving. What I mean by this is that you can't exactly throw a hand full of berries into your handbag, and need I remind you of the mess bananas can leave behind? I can make this in five minutes, and clean the blender in two. Easy Peasy. Of course this isn't a recipe, just proof that anything goes in the fruit world, simple and delicious. If you have a few spare minutes don't be afraid to throw a few things in before school or work, It's the smile on my face I need to survive an eight hour shift in retail.

Of course a blender is essential, I have known people to use food processors as well. Use whatever you have to hand. A splash of milk before you start helps everything to turn from moosh to mmm! And on the occasion I like to pop a small yogurt in too, but only when I have them hanging around in my fridge. I just like the taste of Petit Filous. On to the fruit, one handful of blueberries, one handful of raspberries, one chopped banana and one skinned, chopped pear. Once blended pour this into a cold glass, or a travel mug if you can't resist a lay in like myself. I use this for a quick breakfast or just a snack. That's your five a day sorted, now all you have to worry about in the morning is what clothes to wear.

Have you tried any homemade smoothies? What fruits do you wish you could eat more of?

Gem. x