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Rimmel Salon Pro 'Summer Orange' The Dupe For Chanel 'Holiday'

First up the original, CHANEL Holiday. 

And the Rimmel Salon Pro Summer Orange. 

The accident. 

First of all i would like to explain the series of photographs you have just seen. Whilst in boots i found the perfect dupe for CHANEL Holiday the Rimmel Salon Pro Summer Orange. So of course i ran home to test it out and show everyone. I compared the bottles side by side, as you can see they aren't an exact match. So i used one shade for each hand. My cuticles were a tad dry so i popped some oil on before i took the winning nail comparison photos. As i went to collect both the polishes from my kitchen table i reached for Summer Orange and it slipped from my hand smashing on to my kitchen floor. The culprit, dry cuticles and excess oil. Heartbroken, i cleared up the mess and disposed of the beloved nail varnish i had been searching for. 

I thought i would mentioned this because of one thing, and one thing only. If i had dropped Holiday, i would have been angry at myself for spending £18 on a nail polish with such a terrible formula. But the fact is i dropped the Summer Orange, which i will be repurchasing today (I'm making the boy assist me on my journey to boots) and i will laugh at myself and my butter fingers as i hand over £4.49. This my dear friends is the perfect dupe. Perfect in colour, much more impressive in formula. I have a more extensive review on the Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polishes here. So before you falk out for the top branded polishes take my advice. Apply two coats to a bare nail and then hunt around boots for a close enough match. Use a photo if you want. Of course the colours in the bottles will be slightly off, but i promise your efforts will not go unrewarded. 

Oh and one more reason to not buy the original first. I pretty sure Holiday pushed it, CHANEL carnage!  

Do you have any dupes for luxury brands? Please let me know in the comments below!

Gem. x