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'On The Go' Beauty Essentials.

Over the past week I have been waking up at the crack of dawn and hoping on trains all over the country. (Hence the last of posts) Whilst on my travels I have tried and tested everything that I have bundled together as my 'on the go beauty essentials'. Of course travelling light is a must, but it's all about what you bring and what you'll need more than once! I have posted a brief Handbag Essentials edition, but think of this as a juiced up and extensive travel edition. Mondays post will be all about what makeup to take with you, what products you can double up and how to compact your essentials. But this post is all about what you'll need from the second you lock the front door to when your shoes are kicked off and you've got your legs up on the sofa.

The first thing I have learnt and it's the most important. Always be organised. Either use a bag with multiple compartments or find yourself a slim-ish cosmetic bag to keep everything you need together. It can be as basic or as fancy as your like as long as it does the job. My handbag has multiple compartments which I then pop a small Cath Kidston cosmetic bag in. These are great and come in lots of sizes to suit your needs. I have a few which I use for different sized bags, if you do this make sure to keep them cleaned and updated regularly.

The next items on my priority list fall into the category of 'freshen up'. Anti bacterial hand sanitiser, tissues/pocket wipes and a travel sized deodorant. The longer you are on a train the dirtier you feel and these really are essential. Superdrug have a great selection of travel sized products which your can fit into your handbag without any fuss.

No body likes a chapped lip, which is why I always include my lip balm of choice. These normally rotate from when and what I buy. Most normally it's the Blistex Dailey Lip Conditioner. On the subject of lips I also throw in whatever lipstick/gloss I am wearing that day. These also fall into the makeup category, but these are always in my handbag regardless. My most used is the Dior Addict in 579 Must-Have, I had to repurchase this shade the other week because I couldn't bare to be without it. It's moisturising and shimmery enough to make my smile sparkle. A cheaper alternative is the Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butters, I have the shade Strawberry Shortcake, these apply just as well and hydrate the lips but for lazy ol' me they don't stay on long enough, unless you don't mind reapplying throughout the day.

Of course, using antibacterial gel throughout the day can dry your hands. To prevent this i carry around The Body Shop's Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream. It's moisturising and absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a sticky residue. Not to mention it's known for concealing odours, which let's face it, is just another point ticked off the list. Another product you won't catch me without, is a perfume purse spray which is full of Marc Jacobs Daisy. I couldn't think of anything more relaxing than just popping a dab of this below my ears whenever I need a lift. Who doesn't want to be the best smelling person on the tube?

To be honest something more relaxing than smelling fresh has to be Botantics Aromatherapy Pure Essential Citronella Oil. I have a roll on edition which i use when I'm feeling stressed or crammed. Sometimes quite literally! I just apply this onto my pressure points and breath. Some of my friends think its rubbish, a placebo in fact, but it works for me. It has an almost antiseptic scent mixed with strong citrus, which i find really uplifting, almost like it clears my head whenever i smell it. Another thing i used when i get a bit flustered is a compact powder, just to keep my face at bay from shine. A simple swipe across the 't zone' before i get off the train does the job and my face looks as great as when i left my house. The products i use change from time to time, but i can always count on Clinique's Super Powder Double Face Powder. That's a mouth full! This has two jobs, to matte the skin and to add a touch of coverage. Sometimes i find my foundation almost rubs off? So this just top's me back up without having to get half a makeup bag out.

And last but not least, the just in cases. The usual paracetamol, plasters, gum, spare hair band etc etc. Because i am so forgetful and i like to be prepared, these never leave my handbag.

Of course this whole list seems a tad excessive, but i have reached out for each product on almost every journey, short and long. And it fits nicely into a small cosmetics bag. Better to be safe than sorry.

What do you carry with you on journeys? Is there a product that doesn't leave your handbag?

Gem. x