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Top cheap beauty reads.

Living in London I have to face the manic stress of traveling, and nothing cools me down better than a good read. I used to take huge paperback books with me, until I would get 'too into it' and miss my stop. So now I use these short windows of opportunity to catch up with bite size pieces of beauty news. I have three things that I always stick to and they are no more than a couple of pounds!

First up is the completely free Stylist magazine. This weekly feature is handed out in 10 different cities across the UK every Wednesday. This particular read offers everything a girl wants to know. From lifestyle, fashion, food, beauty and even special features on well being, this little freebie is great for tucking away into your handbag for the next few days. I normally keep hold of my favourites along the way and mark pages for future reference. You can also find their website here!

Something that's even more accessible is the Boots magazine. It's available in store for £1, or free if your an advantage card holder! (Make sure you scan your card first) I normally grab one whether I'm on a lunch break or having a splurge. This focuses more on products and lifestyle than trends. However this is a particular favourite of mine for keeping up to date and grabbing some great offers! Although this is a monthly issue, as long as you have an advantage card it's free every time and unlimited, perfect incase you need something to pass the time.

No beauty read post would be complete without Allure. Now I can hear you questioning why it's in cheap reads, and ill explain. For on the move travel I always buy tablet editions, no more dog eared or lost pages at the bottom of my bag. (I always buy a hard copy of big magazines like Vogue, Elle, Love, Wallpaper etc) Allure covers everything, the latest beauty trends straight off the runway, this seasons hair styles, well being features, interviews, photo shoots and more. If you prefer turning a page or two you can also buy Allure in hard copy at most good newsagents, and sometimes whsmith. (Subscription is available on a monthly delivery contract from their website, here!)

So there you have it, something good to read when you've spent all your money on frapachinos and nail polish. I have your back! Do you know of any beauty almost freebies I haven't mentioned? Let me known in the comments below, you can never have enough!

Gem. X