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The Body Shop Body Butters And Friends.

Personally I feel that the body shop as a brand has been overlooked on more than one occasion. In particular their butters and scrubs, which I am most fond of. To credit their variety and collections would take me too long to comfortably think of. I will however give you a sample. I remember my first ever Body Shop Butter, it was the smaller size Shea Butter, I remember because I wanted to be just like my mum but couldn't afford the full size, before my teenage years pocket money wasn't much! (She later surprised me with a full size for Christmas, which has become an on going tradition.) I mention this story because to this day I can still go out and buy the same product I did 10 years ago, just the way I like it. And that's what I love about the Body Shop. They stick at something they love and are good at and it works for them. On that note, after years of protesting since 2012 they are now proud to support the launch of Cruelty Free International, promoting their campaign across The Body Shop stores in 65 countries around the world. Proof that sticking to your guns gives great profit.

I have many a butter, and I love them all. Throughout the year however I tend to go through themes. At the moment I am going through a slight nut phase. My favourites are Shea, Coco Butter and the not so nutty Chocomania. (everyone needs a but of sweetness now and then!) So after hoping out of the shower I just generously rub this all over my body, to leave a perfectly smooth canvas. Your desired smell lingers for an hour to two, if I'm having a lazy day ill just use this and pass on the perfume. It must hang around longer because I always get comments, 'yes It's me that smells like choclolate cake' (I have a Christmas cookie body wash from philosophy that I use before hand hence the cake.)

Talking of Christmas cookie, seasonal butters are some of my favourites. 2012 was kicked off by Ginger bread which I think lacked the 'bread', Cranberry Joy which smells like sweet cranberries and fresh yoghurt and Vanilla Bliss which I can only describe as a freshly baked cupcake topped with fresh vanilla icing, mmm. Of course as well as permanent products these all come in a collection with other bottles and tubs of deliciousness to get your hands on. Scenario, you have found a soap bar in a simple olive scent, you don't use bars? Well don't fear, you have choices of butters, body washes, lotions, spritz, scrubs, miniature, full size, give set, you name it!

Which brings me onto my next topic. Never have I ever had to hide my body scrubs. That it until I caught the boy heftily using my Sweet Lemon Body Scrub. One week and it was gone, but he was smiling a lot more! Normally I just use a small dollop in my hand and rub everywhere, step out of running water though or everything will be off straight away. I usually buff this in for 5-10 minutes and rinse off when I'm either satisfied or bored. Because it contains oil my skin is left smooth, moisturised and glowing! This is my most used body product during the summer times, for those 'I'm going to brave it bare leg' days.

Gem. X

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  1. I recently did a post on a butter body from the Body Shop! You have a lovely collection of products from them. I want to try one of their scrubs. By the way, I love the layout of your blog!