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Handbag Essentials!

My handbag is similar to Mary poppin's, not the carpet print but the fact that I carry around just about everything, just incase. After all you can never be too prepared. Not all of it is beauty related, I don't bring my entire makeup bag around with me, but I do have a few essential products that I cannot leave the house without! I may get some stick about it, but today I'm here to celebrate the fact that I am a hoarder, organised but a hoarder none the less.

First up is something I've been trying out for a while now, The Body Shop Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream. Don't let the name fool you, I already asked and no you can't drink it! With absinthe extract and community fair trade Shea butter this suits every combination of skin and moisturises your hands whilst leaving them fresh and completely odour free. It has a slight zingy smell which I find pleasant, along with everyone else that pinches it off me. I've even been known to rub it into my elbows when their feeling a bit dry. Multi purpose, now that's what we like!

I have quite a few lip products which i do like to keep with me as much as i can. Dior Lip Glow Colour Reviver Balm is my favourite. Colour enough to not need a lipstick and balm enough to keep my lips smooth when I need them to. *** I normally pair this with my lipgloss of choice for the day, if any.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is another product I slip into a pocket wherever I go. I use a sample size that I got in a glossy box, to be fair it's lasted me forever, it's the perfect size to throw in a clutch bag on a night out or in a pocket when your on the go. As you know eight hour cream is a worldwide beauty must have, it's perfect for when my lips need some serious tlc. With just one application they are smooth, healthy and ready for some colour.

Keeping on the theme of lips, Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub is the latest addition to my little bag of goodies. You know that annoying white line along your lips or rough skin that looks a tad off, we'll this will do the job! I smother my lips in this great tasting sugar and buff my lips for a good few minutes, then I just lick the excess off and they are left baby smooth. Normally I add a touch of eight hour cream afterwards just to keep them smooth when I apply any lipstick or gloss.

On top of all that to keep me spelling as fresh as a spring garden I have a travel vial of Marc Jacobs Daisy of course! This doesn't have a roller ball which I quite like, just have to be careful. I just pop a bit on my index finger and dab below each ear, at the base of my neck and then rub the rest together between my wrist.

I'm not a carry around a makeup bag kind of girl, so this is enough for me. If I'm going out somewhere special ill pop a mascara or lipstick into my bag but apart from that I'm normally more fussed about If I have ibuprofen in my bag, or if I restocked enough plasters!

What can't you live without? And what must you have on a day to day basis?

Gem. X