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Broadway Impress Press on Manicure ft Tweetheart

Nail Fanatic (Noun) A person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm for nails, their own or others. 

On average i paint my nails 3 times a week, give or take. These numbers alone don't truly portray my issue. Lets say it takes 20 minutes to complete, three times a week thats an hour. 52 hours a year, just painting away. As much as i love the idea of this, there have been times when it has seemed more of a chore. Beautifully polished nails don't come naturally, we know that, but what if someone said you could have beautifully coloured and shiny nails chip free for 7 days, no gel or acrylics required. 

I give you, imPRESS press-on manicure from Broadway, an American brand with Nicole Scherzinger as their celebrity endorser. Impress press-on manicure fully covers each nail keeping it's natural shape, no square edges here! Each bottle contains 12 sizes of nails, so everyone can achieve a perfect fit, no fuss just line them and try them out for size before prepping your nails. No polish, clean cut and maybe some trimming (my nails were longer than the press-on's so i had to cut them down a bit) After wiping them over with the 'prep pad' included in the bottle, your nails are clean and ready to go! Double check the size before you stick, remove the sticky back plastic and firmly press into place, holding on for a half an minute or so. I found it easier to line the edge up with my cuticle first and then press down. The adhesive on each nail is designed to keep your natural nails in tact. There is an allowance around the edge for easy removal, making sure your nails dont split during the process.

At first i was sceptical, 'stick on nails, aren't i a little too old for that?' No was my reply. It took me around 10 minutes to prep and apply these nails and a few days later they are still as perfect as when i applied them. I wouldn't regularly use these, mostly because i enjoy painting my nails, it relaxes me. However it is nice to have perfect nails without the hassle now and again. Most impress styles are available in Boots and Superdrug for the UK, ranging from £5.99 to £7.99 depending on design. I've had my eye on Totally Busted for a while now, i may have to pick one up for a summer occasion. 

If their range of colours isn'y enough they have a 'Colour Me' edition. A white version ready for your favorite polish, just paint them yourself and wait for them to dry before applying. I love the idea of these, especially if you specifically want them to last. (I'm thinking of some nail art sessions here!) Photographed i am wearing Tweetheart, available here.

What do you think of the newest nail tech? Have you tried Broadway's impress press-on manicure?

Gem. x

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