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The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion.

Now i love the dewy finish, i am an all shine ahead kind of girl. However, with the weather warming up it comes to a point where my skin has turned into what i can only describe as greasy! My once normal skin has gone full out oily and enough is enough. Being in shock from my new shine i ran to the nearest body shop to splurge. You can tell i've had a bad time when body butters are stacked up high and the bathroom is fully stocked with excess amounts of bubbles, scrubs and aromatic sprays. The boy doesn't complain, (he likes the sweet lemon scrub if you were wondering) but my bank account does. 

Seeing as the staff are so lovely and so great at selling me things i like to unwind and basically dump all my emotional baggage on them, which they then grab a product for and i am on my way. However this day was different, i went straight past the fancy tables and Matifying the open try me's and grabbed the Seaweed Mattifying Moisture Lotion. I'll be honest i was sceptical, but it works a treat and at bargain £11 even my bank account was smiling!
This isn't an everyday go to product, however it does the job to tone things down when im out and about. It's hydrating enough to keep the natural oil's of my skin in balance as well as combatting that extra shine. With a lightweight formula this absorbs straight into the skin and works well under makeup. Not to mention with a spf of 15 you can't go wrong. I can now rest knowing that when everything else gets a bit hectic my face will be in check, no more pulling faces in the mirror on the train home. 

Gem. x

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